Brand engagement, relationship building or getting to know them other are just some ways to try and define the term ‘Brand Therapy’. The same goes for the execution, how do you pull off ‘Brand Therapy’? Where do you start?

Well, Johnnie Walker have hit the nail on the head with this one. You can call it film, video, promo, spot, short film… this is a perfect example of what smart brands should be doing. Cheers to Anomaly, Johnnie Walker and RSA. Its a great brand piece that is entertaining, interesting and on strategy with all the brand values.

The faster brands realise that they are no longer just sellers or providers of a good or a service the better equipped they will be for the future.

Brands nowadays are viewed as living, breathing entities with personalities, tastes, preferences and opinions. Today they should be in the business of building relationships through the ever-growing number of touch points they have at their fingertips to interact and talk to their consumers and target.

Just like us, companies and brands cannot be everything to everyone. They will co-exist and be respected for their POV and opinions as long as they are always engaging in an honest and real way with their consumers, target and audience.

Just like we do in general with people we like, love or respect when we don’t agree in something, we will do the same with the brands and products we choose to buy and engage.

What are your thoughts?